Lectures, Seminars and Conferences

L&R Social Research’s experts impart their specialised knowledge and methodical expertise in seminars, roundtables, and workshops. Both contents and intermediation forms are tuned to the individual interests of the participants. The services address small and large groups and are organised throughout Austria if required.

The institute’s staff members hold their presentations at the domestic and international symposia on key thematic aspects as well as on methodical issues. Apart from individual presentations, the L&R Social Research team also gives lectures on labour market policy issues at Austrian universities. 

Other strongly developing areas are cross-border discussion and cooperation forums in Hungary and in the Czech Republic. These Expert Academies are programmes to promote cross-border labour market and employment policy cooperation. The information, discussion, and networking services address Hungarian, Czech and East Austrian players, organisations and authorities relevant for employment policy.

L&R Social Research’s staff have been organising roundtables and topic forums since 2001 in the context of the GeM Coordination Unit. Various labour market policy issues are highlighted and discussed with experts under the gender perspective viewpoint.