The importance of L&R Social Research’s networking activities has increased considerably in the past years. National network structures have proved favourable for preparation and support of knowledge management, transfer of technical expertise and work co-operation. International network structures are one of the most important conditions for initiating and handling cross-border research and development projects.

For some years now, one of the main areas of the institute’s work is therefore cross-border discussion and co-operation forums with Hungary and the Czech Republic. After a three-year period of national and EFRE financed, the Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy will now be funded nationally starting from 2006. The Austro-Czech Expert Academy completed its start-up phase at the end of 2003 and became an Interreg IIIA project in 2005.

The main interest of these Expert Academies is the common occupation with labour market, regional and socio-political topics of special importance prior to the accession of Hungary and the Czech Republic to the EU as well as in the following years, in order to integrate sub regions into an entire region. The topics are determined in a participatory selection process. The work of the Expert Academies is tuned to the respective issue, whereby the main focus points are:

  • Example Hungary: "The third sector as a labour market player – status quo and challenges in the supraregional perspective
  • "Example Hungary: "Equal opportunities?!  – The situation of women in the Austro-Hungarian border region"
  • Example Czech Republic: „Labour Market Policy Performance Survey: Labour market trends and developments in the Czech border districts since accession to the European Union"
  • Example Czech Republic: Scientific accompaniment of the project "Cross-border job placement of the Employment Office Lower Austria".
  • Example Czech Republic: "Regional qualification profiles of the Lower Austrian border regions"