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GEKO - Gender Authority

Gender Competence continues the most important activities of the Gender Mainstreaming Coordination Unit (2005-2007). You find the central documents of the Gender Mainstreaming Coordination Unit here.

The Gender Competence (GeKo) team supports players from public, private and non-profit institutions, to achieve equal opportunity objectives by research, development and consultation. Gender Competence means to adopt a gender-sensitive viewpoint, based on systematic and theoretical groundwork, and to thereby determine equal opportunity starting points. This consists among others of the analysis of inequalities, resulting from gender.  Based on this groundwork, the Gender Competence (GeKo) experts develop solutions together with the players, to enable a more equal resource distribution between women and men.

The main expertise contents of our Gender Competence (GeKo) team are

Different methods and approaches are used when dealing with the specific issues. The international perspective is also taken into consideration apart from quantitative and qualitative analysis methods. 

Gender Competence (GeKo) services

Background of experience of Gender Competence (GeKo)

Gender Competence (GeKo) can benefit from the many years of empirical-scientific expertise of L&R Social Research.  L&R Social Research has accomplished a large number of research projects and network activities in the field of Women’s Studies and Gender Mainstreaming. The Institute has built up extensive authority on the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in labour market policy in the years 2000 to 2006 in the scope of the GeM Coordination Unit for the ESF.  The GeM experts accompanied labour market policy players during the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in the ESF during this period by means of information, networking, and consultancy.  This know-how is now used to further by the Gender Competence (GeKo)



The Gender Competence  (GeKo) Team

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