Consultancy and Development

The consulting activities have become increasingly important within the range of services offered by L&R Social Research in the past years. Consulting and development activities, which were originally frequently part of the research work, are now established as an independent service field. Decision makers, entrusted by ministries, federal state governments, municipalities and other institutions to design, arrange and implement public interest measures and programmes, increasingly use the institute’s scientific expertise.

The main areas of L&R Social Research’s consulting and development activities are the implementation of gender mainstreaming in institutions, programmes and projects as well as the development of regional and strategic labour market policies in the context of the EU eastern enlargement. Ultimate principle is the direct exchange of information and close co-operation between L&R Social Research’s scientific and consulting staff members, in order to best use the synergy effects provided by theory, experience and practical implementation.

L&R Social Research’s consulting and development activities focus on

  • Organisation, presentation, preparation of content and support as well as documentation of information seminars and development workshops,
  • Advise to individuals or small groups from institutional, non-profit and private enterprises,
  • Network advise for players and organisations with common labour market, regional or gender issues,
  • Scientific and activating accompaniment of model projects.

The L&R Social Research institute has been running the GeM Coordination Unit for Gender Mainstreaming in the ESF since 2001. The GeM Coordination Unit is an information centre and platform for Gender Mainstreaming and labour market equal opportunities issues. Information, networking and advice are provided on the GeM website, in the GeM newsletter, working platforms, round tables and topic forums. The specialised publications GeM Toolbox and the GeM Manual have been published.

A further relevant development project is consulting services to the Croatian labour market service and other involved institutions on the establishment of evaluation and monitoring structures for active labour policy measures This project concentrates on the transition education to labour market, since these measures, which are currently being developed, are predominantly qualification programmes.