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Unemployment Benefit Recipients Failing to Access Labour Market Policy Measures (Research, 2019-2020) KF_Studie_Zugangsverluste_bei_amp._Massnahmen_24.pdfKF_Studie_Zugangsverluste_bei_amp._Massnahmen_24.pdf
Gender Mainstreaming within the FTI-strategy? Innovative Vienna 2020? (Consulting, 2016-2017) iw2020-vergabe-gender.pdfiw2020-vergabe-gender.pdf
Labour market policy measures für the Austrian-Moldovan cooperation within the construction industry (Consulting, 2016) --no downloads--
ESF implementation concept 'gender equality' within ESF-OP 2014-2020 (Consulting, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Posting of Workers, wage dumping: quantitative and qualitative developments in Austria (Research, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Workshop "Men and Reconciliation of Work and Family: Gain Experience of six selected European Countries" (Workshop, 2016) 1_presentation_Iceland.pdf1_presentation_Iceland.pdf
Employment and personal circumstances of film-makers in Austria (Research, 2015-2016) KF_Arbeits-_Lebenssituation_Filmschaffende_2016_03_10.pdfKF_Arbeits-_Lebenssituation_Filmschaffende_2016_03_10.pdf
Establishment of a centre of excellence within the Moldovan financial sector (Research, 2015-2016) --no downloads--
Men's share of care for children and professional care (Research, 2015) MENS_SHARE_OF_CARE_2015.pdfMENS_SHARE_OF_CARE_2015.pdf
Multifunctional centers within the Albanian vocational training (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Gender Segregation in the Labour Market and Education EU Exchange of Good Practices on Gender Equality (Research, 2015) at_comments_paper_dk_2015_en.pdfat_comments_paper_dk_2015_en.pdf
"Daddy's Month" in Austria - Exchange of Good Practice Concerning the Role of Men in Gender Equality EU Exchange of Good Practices on Gender Equality (Research, 2014) Daddy_Month_in_Austra_Discussion_paper_fi_2014_NadjaBergmann.pdfDaddy_Month_in_Austra_Discussion_paper_fi_2014_NadjaBergmann.pdf
Finnish Youth Guarantee. What May Be Inspiring to Austria? (Research, 2014) Summary_table_youth_guarantee_in_European_countries.pdfSummary_table_youth_guarantee_in_European_countries.pdf
Secure housing in Vienna (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Movement in gender relations? The role of men in Austria in a European comparison (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Operational conditions and reconciliation - a contradiction in itself? (Article, 2014) --no downloads--
Men and Gender Equality – European insights (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Reconciliation of work and Family (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Migrants in Vienna – 2014 (Research, 2013-2014) --no downloads--
Gender aspects of working time and working time policy. (Lecture, 2013) --no downloads--
Quality of part-time work in Austria (Lecture, 2012) --no downloads--
Supporting research by pilot project VITAL at Umdasch (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
National Expert for Austria for the Project “Collection of methods, tools and good practices in the field of Women and the Media” (Research, 2012) --no downloads--
Survey on complementary care for persons with mental illnesses in Vienna (Research, 2012-2013) --no downloads--
Far from half half: The distribution between paid and unpaid work. In: Distribution instead of gambling. Ways to distributive justice. (Article, 2012) --no downloads--
Exchange of good practices on gender equality: New Forms of Work - Flexible Working Time Arrangements (Research, 2011) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Viennese Assistance Programme for the Homeless (Research, 2011-2012) PUBLIKATION_evaluierung-wohnungslosenhilfe-bf.pdfPUBLIKATION_evaluierung-wohnungslosenhilfe-bf.pdf
Role of men in gender equality (Research, 2010-2014) WS-1_Background_paper_Do_Men_Care.pdfWS-1_Background_paper_Do_Men_Care.pdf
Poverty and social cohesion: concepts, perception of the people concerned and effects of the economic crisis (Research, 2010) Endbericht_soziale_Kohaesion_11_10.pdfEndbericht_soziale_Kohaesion_11_10.pdf
Employment situation of people with a migrant background (Research, 2010-2011) KF_Beschaeftigungssituation_MigrantInnen_in_Wien__11.8.2011_.pdfKF_Beschaeftigungssituation_MigrantInnen_in_Wien__11.8.2011_.pdf
Lake Neusiedl tourism network model region (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Gründerzeit for Tomorrow - innovative modernisation of Gründerzeit-buildings (Research, 2009-2012) --no downloads--
(Conference, 2009) --no downloads--
Tourism card as cross-border cooperation project between Austria and Slovenia (Consulting, 2009-2011) Konferenzprogramm_Deutsch.pdfKonferenzprogramm_Deutsch.pdf
Financial biographies. The issue of distribution of wealth from a social scientific perspective (Research, 2009) Endbericht_Biografie_des_Geldes.pdfEndbericht_Biografie_des_Geldes.pdf
World Heritage Region Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt, Obertraun (Consulting, 2008-2014) --no downloads--
Migrants in Vienna´s employment market (Research, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Ongoing Evaluation - PISA INNOVATIV 2007-2008 (Research, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Study on the social situation of artists in Austria (Research, 2007-2008) KURZFASSUNG_studie_soziale_lage_kunstschaffende.pdfKURZFASSUNG_studie_soziale_lage_kunstschaffende.pdf
Situation report on the Gender Wage Gap in Vienna (Research, 2007-2008) Kurzfassung_Einkommensunterschiede_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdfKurzfassung_Einkommensunterschiede_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdf
Discontinuity management in natural scientific and technological career paths (Report, 2006) projektbeschreibung_diskontinuitaetenmanagement.pdfprojektbeschreibung_diskontinuitaetenmanagement.pdf
Gender equal working time (Report, 2005) Endbericht_geschlechtergerechte_Arbeitszeiten.pdfEndbericht_geschlechtergerechte_Arbeitszeiten.pdf
Social Exclusion: Definition, Measurement, Reality (Lecture, 2005) soz_ausgrenzung.pdfsoz_ausgrenzung.pdf
Fundamental form of organisation of the consumerism in Austria (Report, 2005) Executive_Summary_Konsumentenschutz.pdfExecutive_Summary_Konsumentenschutz.pdf
Quality criterias for part time employment - a contradiction in itself? (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
"The participation was useful in any case." Results of the evaluation of the project TELFI (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
Too little to live on (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Analysis of Social Legislation: Paragraphs 500 ff of the General Social Insurance Act (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
Social Economy - An Introductory Discussion (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
Practice of tendering within the scope of the Austrian social economy (Report, 2004) vergabepraxis.pdfvergabepraxis.pdf
International Experience in the Field of Sub-national Labour Market and Social Policy: Potentials, Problems and the Role of the Third Sector (Report, 2004) Dezentrale_Arbeitsmarkt-Sozialpolitik_im_int._Vgl.pdfDezentrale_Arbeitsmarkt-Sozialpolitik_im_int._Vgl.pdf
Third Sector: Work in between Mission and Life Style (Article, 2004) --no downloads--
Proposals for the Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming within the Public Administrations (Consulting, 2003) --no downloads--
Frequently Asked Questions Gender Mainstreaming (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the EQUAL-project \"Telelearning for imprisoned people (TELFI)\" (Consulting, 2003-2005) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming: Development of a concept for a seminar for apprentices (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Toolbox, manual and portal \"Third Sector\" (Consulting, 2003-2005) Handbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdfHandbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdf
Social Economy Network (Network, 2003) --no downloads--
Literature in March: Rich or Poor (Lecture, 2003) --no downloads--
Results from Interviews of Commuters (Report, 2003) Kurzbericht_Pendler_AMS-NOe_250603.pdfKurzbericht_Pendler_AMS-NOe_250603.pdf
Migration from the City of Vienna to Surrounding Areas: A Study of the Potential for Intervention Targeted at Specific Groups (Report, 2003) Endbericht_Motivstudie_Migration_Wien_2003-03-13.pdfEndbericht_Motivstudie_Migration_Wien_2003-03-13.pdf
Manual for Gender Mainstreaming in Regional Development. Introduction into Programme Planning (Book, 2002) handbuch gender mainstreaming in der regionalentwicklung.pdfhandbuch gender mainstreaming in der regionalentwicklung.pdf
EU-Enlargement: Oppertunities and Risks for Sustainable Cultural Landscape Development in the Styrian (Austria)-Slovenian Border Region (Report, 2002) Grenzwahrnehmungen.pdfGrenzwahrnehmungen.pdf
Coordination Unit for the International Year of Volunteers 2001 (Consulting, 2001) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming in Vienna (Conference, 2001) --no downloads--
International Year of Volunteers 2001 (Workshop, 2001) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the RDA-net CEDA (Report, 2001) --no downloads--
Information Requirements for Socially Disadvantaged Groups about The Forthcoming Monetary Reform (Report, 2000) euro_letztfassung_2m_rz.pdfeuro_letztfassung_2m_rz.pdf
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Toolbox to Promote Entrepreneurship in Higher Education (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Transnational Evaluation (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Evaluation for Vienna (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Toolbox to Promote Entrepreneurship in Higher Education (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
Foreign Workers and Second- and Third-Generation Descendants Looking for Work in an Urban Area, and the Conditions They Find on the Job and on the Labour Market (Report, 2000) URBANE_AuslaenderInnen.pdfURBANE_AuslaenderInnen.pdf
Evaluation of Continuing Education: Quality Assurance in Work with Drug Addicts and in Drug Prevention—Staff Training Courses for Drug Centres and the Vienna Police (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Market and Employment Analysis (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Analysis of Potential. Framework Conditions for the Foundation of Enterprises in Higher Education (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
Positioning of Forum Sozialforschung (Book, 1999) --no downloads--
Monitoring and Evaluation in MA 57 (Workshop, 1998) --no downloads--
Structures of Social Partnership in Austria (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
Vocational and Criminal Careers. The Role of the Sentencing and Public Employment Offices in the Rehabilitation of Persons with a Criminal Record (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
Self-employment in Europe—The Austrian Case (Article, 1998) --no downloads--
Professional and Criminal Careers: The Role of Sentencing and Public Employment Services in the Rehabilitation of Delinquents (Book, 1998) --no downloads--
Task of Public Institutions in a Context of Vocational Re-integration of Released Delinquents (Book, 1997) --no downloads--
The Social and Economic Situation in Arnoldstein (Report, 1996) --no downloads--
Re-employment of Women in Vienna. Potential—Perspectives—Measures (Report, 1996) --no downloads--
Information Society—Effects on Employment: Austrian Experiences (Article, 1996) --no downloads--
Trends of Employment Policy in Austria?Recommendations of the Summit Conference in Essen (Article, 1996) --no downloads--
Social Security Provision for Prostitutes (Book, 1996) --no downloads--
Debtors’ Advice in Austria (Book, 1995) --no downloads--
Trade Licences in Building Trade (Report, 1994) --no downloads--
Debt Counselling Centre at the Labour-Market Administration: Efficiency and Effect (Report, 1993) --no downloads--
Public Relations for Educational and Social Initiatives: A Handbook (Book, 1993) --no downloads--
The Socio-Medical Counselling Centre “Ganslwirt” in Vienna: Results of an Accompanying Study (Report, 1992) --no downloads--
The Computerized Hospital (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Expo ‘95—Proceedings of a Seminar Organized by the Regional Labour Office Vienna (Book, 1990) --no downloads--
Handbook for Regional Activation Incentives: Materials for ELabourating Concepts to Develop Projects in Peripheral Areas (Report, 1989) --no downloads--
Development of a Metropolis (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
Acceptance: Chances and Limits (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
Choice of Title (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
Problems with Self-administration in Industrial Enterprises (Article, 1986) --no downloads--
The Scapegoat Phenomenon (Article, 1985) --no downloads--

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