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EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) - People and Skills (, 2020-2022) --no downloads--
Lecture on "Gender, Digitalisation, Labour Market" in the Context of the German-Chinese Symposium "Gender and Future of Work" (, 2020) Vortrag_NadjaBergmann_Sesscion2_FES2020_PPP.pdfVortrag_NadjaBergmann_Sesscion2_FES2020_PPP.pdf
European Social Fund (ESF) (Research, 2019-2021) --no downloads--
Parents@Work: Changing Perceptions! (Research, 2019-2021) Parents@work_Folder.pdfParents@work_Folder.pdf
National expertise for implementing the Treaty principle on "equal pay for equal work or work of equal value" (Research, 2019) --no downloads--
Postings and transfers to Austria, wage dumping. A study focusing on the construction sector. (Research, 2018-2019) Endbericht_Studie_L&R_Sozialforschung_-_Lohn-_und_Sozialdumping_mit_Fokus_Bau_39.pdfEndbericht_Studie_L&R_Sozialforschung_-_Lohn-_und_Sozialdumping_mit_Fokus_Bau_39.pdf
danube@work (Research, 2018-2019) Endbericht_danube_work.pdfEndbericht_danube_work.pdf
Labour Market Policy Support Programme for Moldov (Consulting, 2018-2019) --no downloads--
EURES Evaluation for the year 2018 (Research, 2018-2019) --no downloads--
Update of the study towards Temporary Agency Work in Austria (Research, 2017) --no downloads--
EURES Evaluation for the year 2017 (Research, 2017-2018) --no downloads--
Labour Foundations in South-East Europe - Needs and Implementation Options (Research, 2017-2018) --no downloads--
The eternal Pay Gap? A brief analysis (Article, 2016) blog_8.Maerz_GPG_Bergmannpdf.pdfblog_8.Maerz_GPG_Bergmannpdf.pdf
Study on integrated delivery of social services aiming at the activation of minimum income recipients in the labour market - success factors and reform pathways (Research, 2016-2017) KE-02-18-644-EN-N.pdfKE-02-18-644-EN-N.pdf
EURES Evaluation (Research, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Study about the combination of technology and educational transition (Research, 2016) --no downloads--
Labour market policy measures für the Austrian-Moldovan cooperation within the construction industry (Consulting, 2016) --no downloads--
Posting of Workers, wage dumping: quantitative and qualitative developments in Austria (Research, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
The situation of home care by relatives in the Austrian-Hungarian border region (Research, 2016) --no downloads--
Building Capacities in the Danube Region (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Establishment of a centre of excellence within the Moldovan financial sector (Research, 2015-2016) --no downloads--
Labour market policy related Transfer of know-how in South East Europe based on the strategy Europe 2020 or strategy for the Danube Region (Research, 2015-2017) --no downloads--
Multifunctional centers within the Albanian vocational training (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Quality assessment to the designation procedure according to Regulation (EU) 1303-2013 – Article 123f (Development, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Assessment and approval of qualifications from the successor states of Yugoslavia (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Feasibility study of a building academy in Albania (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Support with the clarification of documents from job seeking clients of states of the former Yugoslavia (Consulting, 2013-2016) --no downloads--
Creating an online cross-border commuting brochure for the Austrian-German border regions (Consulting, 2011) --no downloads--
Wage and social dumping through cross-border provision and deployment of temporary workers to Austria (focus: field of construction) (Research, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the EURES activities of the Public Employment Service Austria: The satisfaction of customers of the EURES services (Research, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Austrian-Slovenian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2010-2014) --no downloads--
Improvement of the Staff Qualification for Survey, Evaluation and Prognosis of Employer’s Qualification Requirements and Requirements of Whole Regions (Research, 2010-2012) --no downloads--
Compendium. Good practice examples in promoting diversity and implementing antidiscrimination measures in the labour market (Consulting, 2010) ENG_Compendium.pdfENG_Compendium.pdf
15 years of INTERREG-ETZ in Austria - Review and outlook: human resources, labour markets and migration (Research, 2010-2011) Bericht_15_Jahre_Interreg_-_HR__endversion.pdfBericht_15_Jahre_Interreg_-_HR__endversion.pdf
Securing the economic future of the area through business aid schemes and employment market policy (Research, 2010-2012) --no downloads--
Evaluation of EURES (Research, 2009) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Czech Expert Academy (Consulting, 2009-2012) --no downloads--
Austrian-Croatian labour market cooperation 2009 - 2010 (Consulting, 2009-2010) D-Barbara_Willsberger.pdfD-Barbara_Willsberger.pdf
Hungarian cross-border commuters in Austria (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Employment policy networking in the framework of the project Supra-regional employment initiative Vienna-Bratislava (Consulting, 2009-2011) --no downloads--
KOOP AT-RO: Cooperation on Labour Market Policy between Austria and Romania 2009-2011 (Consulting, 2009-2011) --no downloads--
Expert Academies - Model for Successs of Cross-Border Labour Market Policy (Article, 2009) --no downloads--
The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2008-2014) Imagefolder_EXPAK_AT.HU.pdfImagefolder_EXPAK_AT.HU.pdf
Croatia working group: Capacity Building Employment Service (Consulting, 2008) --no downloads--
Employment market analyses in the framework of the ETC project Netlab (Network for labour market cooperation in the border region HU-AT) (Research, 2008-2012) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Slovak Expert Academy (Consulting, 2008-2011) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Slovak Experts Academy (Consulting, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
EUREGIOsocial - An overview of the situation in the social sector, the care sector and the health care sector in the Weinviertel - Southern Moravia region (Report, 2007) EB_euregiosocial__Endversion_RM_.pdfEB_euregiosocial__Endversion_RM_.pdf
Migrants in Vienna´s employment market (Research, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Ethnic Businesses in Vienna (Report, 2007) Kurzfassung_EB_LR_Sozialforschung_Ethnische_Oekonomien_(V2).pdfKurzfassung_EB_LR_Sozialforschung_Ethnische_Oekonomien_(V2).pdf
Cross-border comparison of occupational outlooks - A trend analysis (Research, 2007-2008) Trendanalyse_Berufe_EB_MA27_final.pdfTrendanalyse_Berufe_EB_MA27_final.pdf
Austrian-Slovenian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Barometer of public opinion industrial quarter (Report, 2006) Bericht_Panel_1__endversion_.pdfBericht_Panel_1__endversion_.pdf
The third sector as labour market policy player - Status quo and challenges from the supra-regional perspective (Report, 2005) Der_Dritte_Sektor.pdfDer_Dritte_Sektor.pdf
Corporate strategies and cross-border regional integration (Report, 2005) Studie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdfStudie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdf
Equal opportunities?! The situation of women in the Austro-Hungarian border region (Report, 2005) Endbericht_Situation_von_Frauen_in_Ungarn_und_Oesterreich1.pdfEndbericht_Situation_von_Frauen_in_Ungarn_und_Oesterreich1.pdf
The situation of women in the labour market in the Austro-Hungarian boarder region (Lecture, 2005) D-Referat_Willsberger,_L&R_Sozialforschung__Oe-H_Konferenz_2005.pdfD-Referat_Willsberger,_L&R_Sozialforschung__Oe-H_Konferenz_2005.pdf
Pilot Project CENTROPE LABOUR (Consulting, 2004-2005) --no downloads--
Supraregional Employment Strategy Vienna-Bratislava (Consulting, 2004-2006) UeBS-newsletter_1.pdfUeBS-newsletter_1.pdf
Experts Academies as intermediate organizations of crossborder labour market policy (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
Company Strategies and crossborder regional Integration (Report, 2004) Studie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdfStudie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdf
The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2003-2007) --no downloads--
Labour market conferences of the Expert Academy (Conference, 2003-2007) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Czech Experts Academy (Consulting, 2003-2007) --no downloads--
Ex ante Evaluation of the Hungarian National Development Plan (Consulting, 2003) --no downloads--
Possibilities of promotion for businesse in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia after the accession to the EU (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Ex-Ante Evaluation of the Maltese Rural Development Plan (RDP) (Consulting, 2002) --no downloads--
"Regiolab" – Cross-border Labour Market – Monitoring-System for urban regions in the area at the borders between Austria – the Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – (Poland) (Report, 2001) regiolab_endbericht_neu.pdfregiolab_endbericht_neu.pdf
The Roma Centre in "Bogdán János" - Roma Minority Community Centre in Nagykanizsa (Brochure, 2000) Expak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdfExpak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdf
Investigation of Literature on the Topic: Effects of Eastern Enlargement of the EU on the Austrian Labour Market (Report, 1999) eu_osterw_literaturrecherche.pdfeu_osterw_literaturrecherche.pdf

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