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Study on integrated delivery of social services aiming at the activation of minimum income recipients in the labour market - success factors and reform pathways (Research, 2016-2017) KE-02-18-644-EN-N.pdfKE-02-18-644-EN-N.pdf
Study about the combination of technology and educational transition (Research, 2016) --no downloads--
Building Capacities in the Danube Region (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Development of a labour market related network of cities (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Quality assessment to the designation procedure according to Regulation (EU) 1303-2013 – Article 123f (Development, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Austrian Network for the rural Areas - Network of the Programme LE07-13 (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Feasibility study of a building academy in Albania (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Training programme Vojvodina (Consulting, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Training network Belgrade (Consulting, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Qualification network Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Consulting, 2009) --no downloads--
The International Law Institute in Uganda as a project of the Austrian Development Cooperation (Report, 2003) EB_ILI_Uganda.pdfEB_ILI_Uganda.pdf
Microfinance as an Instrument of the Austrian Development Co-operation. Synopsis of the Country Studies in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Uganda (Report, 2001) endbericht synopsis1.pdfendbericht synopsis1.pdf
Microfinance as an Instrument of the Austrian Development Cooperation Phase II: Mozambique and Namibia (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
Microfinance in Zimbabwe - Evaluation of Austrian support to Microfinance Institutions in Zimbabwe - ILO-SDF, ZWFT and ZAMBUKO TRUST (Report, 1999) zimbabwe2.pdfzimbabwe2.pdf

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