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Evaluation of the Contact Points for People with Qualifications Gained Abroad during the Period 2017-2020 (, 2020-2021) --no downloads--
ResilianceWorks - Measures to Prevent Radicalization and Increase the Resilience of Young People in Programs for Labour Market Integration (, 2020-2022) --no downloads--
E-learning Under the 'Equality Glasses' (, 2020-2021) --no downloads--
Evaluation of Offers for Persons Re-entering the Labour Market due to Parental Leave (, 2020-2021) --no downloads--
Living Conditions of People with Disabilities in Vienna (, 2020-2021) --no downloads--
The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality on Artificial Intelligence and Gender Biases in Recruitment and Selection Processes (, 2020) AT_comments_paper_NL_2020_final.pdfAT_comments_paper_NL_2020_final.pdf
Lecture on "Gender, Digitalisation, Labour Market" in the Context of the German-Chinese Symposium "Gender and Future of Work" (, 2020) Vortrag_NadjaBergmann_Sesscion2_FES2020_PPP.pdfVortrag_NadjaBergmann_Sesscion2_FES2020_PPP.pdf
Hidden Technological Work: Looking for Service-4.0-Pioneers (Research, 2020-2021)
Talk about IT! To Design Digitalisation Participatory: Gender-appropriate and Diverse (Research, 2020-2021) --no downloads--
Education Location Southwest Styria: Regional Optimization of the Job Orientation Process (Research, 2020) --no downloads--
More Women into the Technical Field, but How? Inspecting Initiatives to Raise the Share of Women in Technical Occupations (, 2020-2021) --no downloads--
Parents@Work: Changing Perceptions! (Research, 2019-2021) Parents@work_Folder.pdfParents@work_Folder.pdf
Part-time employment in Lower Austria (Research, 2019) TZ_in_NOe_Endbericht_finale_Version.pdfTZ_in_NOe_Endbericht_finale_Version.pdf
Equal opportunities for women with disabilities on the labour market. Obstacles - Challenges - Solutions (Research, 2019-2020) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the regional goal 2018: Additional apprenticeships on the labour market Burgenland (Research, 2019) Evaluierung_L&R_Evaluierung_des_Landesziels_2018_Zusaetzliche_Lehrstellen_fuer_das_Burgenland.pdfEvaluierung_L&R_Evaluierung_des_Landesziels_2018_Zusaetzliche_Lehrstellen_fuer_das_Burgenland.pdf
Unemployment Benefit Recipients Failing to Access Labour Market Policy Measures (Research, 2019-2020) KF_Studie_Zugangsverluste_bei_amp._Massnahmen_24.pdfKF_Studie_Zugangsverluste_bei_amp._Massnahmen_24.pdf
National expertise for implementing the Treaty principle on "equal pay for equal work or work of equal value" (Research, 2019) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the grant for skilled employees (Research, 2019-2020) --no downloads--
Digital Transformation in Burgenland. Analysis of qualification needs in chosen sectors (Research, 2019) Endbericht_Digitaler_Wandel_im_Burgenland_Dezember_2019.pdfEndbericht_Digitaler_Wandel_im_Burgenland_Dezember_2019.pdf
Analysis and Reporting of the Online Survey 'Parents want more for Kindergardens and Co' (Research, 2019-2020) Kind_und_Job_Bericht_L&R_Sozialforschung2020.pdfKind_und_Job_Bericht_L&R_Sozialforschung2020.pdf
Gender Analysis of the Support Programme INiTS (Research, 2019) genderanalyse-inits-lr-zsi-2019.pdfgenderanalyse-inits-lr-zsi-2019.pdf
Expertise: Gender Equality Related Employment Effects of Digitalisation (Research, 2019-2020) Expertise_Gleichstellungsrelevante_Aspekte_der_Digitalisierung_der_Arbeitswelt_2020.pdfExpertise_Gleichstellungsrelevante_Aspekte_der_Digitalisierung_der_Arbeitswelt_2020.pdf
Follow-up Study of "Employment and Personal Circumstances of Film-makers in Austria 2016": Working Conditions and Health (Research, 2019-2020) --no downloads--
Effects on gender equality of services of the Public Employment Service Austria (Research, 2018-2019)
Postings and transfers to Austria, wage dumping. A study focusing on the construction sector. (Research, 2018-2019) Endbericht_Studie_L&R_Sozialforschung_-_Lohn-_und_Sozialdumping_mit_Fokus_Bau_39.pdfEndbericht_Studie_L&R_Sozialforschung_-_Lohn-_und_Sozialdumping_mit_Fokus_Bau_39.pdf
Social Situation of Artists in Austria (Research, 2018) EB_Soziale_Lage_Kunstschaffender_Kunst-Kulturvermittler_innen.pdfEB_Soziale_Lage_Kunstschaffender_Kunst-Kulturvermittler_innen.pdf
Re-entry monitoring in Austria and the nine provinces, 4th Version (Research, 2018-2019) Wiedereinstiegsmonitoring_2019.pdfWiedereinstiegsmonitoring_2019.pdf
mobility4work. Mobility for the digitalized working environment (Research, 2018-2020) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the project 'Start-up Modul' of the Vienna Business Agency (Research, 2018) --no downloads--
danube@work (Research, 2018-2019) Endbericht_danube_work.pdfEndbericht_danube_work.pdf
Labour Market Policy Support Programme for Moldov (Consulting, 2018-2019) --no downloads--
EURES Evaluation for the year 2018 (Research, 2018-2019) --no downloads--
Study to analyse the equality of men and women in the Austrian programme for rural development 2014-2020 (Research, 2018-2019) Evaluierungsstudie_GM_im_LE-Programm_LR_OeIR_April_2019.pdfEvaluierungsstudie_GM_im_LE-Programm_LR_OeIR_April_2019.pdf
Digitisation - Industry 4.0 - Work 4.0 - Gender 4.0 (Research, 2017) WS1_Industrie4.0_und_Gender_L&R_ZSI_Oktober_2017.pdfWS1_Industrie4.0_und_Gender_L&R_ZSI_Oktober_2017.pdf
Study on the sustainability of the business start-up program offered by the PES in Lower Austria (Research, 2017) --no downloads--
The PES as driving force behind integration - labour market participation of women entitled to asylum: challenges, perspectives and equal opportunities (Research, 2017) EB_L&R_Sozialforschung__Arbeitsmarktbeteiligung_von_asylberechtigten_AMS_Kunden_innen.pdfEB_L&R_Sozialforschung__Arbeitsmarktbeteiligung_von_asylberechtigten_AMS_Kunden_innen.pdf
Update of the study towards Temporary Agency Work in Austria (Research, 2017) --no downloads--
Work 4.0, Education and Qualification: Challenges and Solutions (Research, 2017) --no downloads--
EURES Evaluation for the year 2017 (Research, 2017-2018) --no downloads--
Evaluation 'Early Complete - Management of qualifications' (Research, 2017-2018) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the consultancy and support of rehabilitation customers in the PES Carinthia (Research, 2017-2018) --no downloads--
That's how we live (II) - female industrial workers report about their lives (Research, 2017-2018) --no downloads--
Accompanying Evaluation of the Operational Programme Employment Austria 2014-2020 of the European Social Fund (Research, 2017-2020) --no downloads--
Accompanying Evaluation "Start Wien - Das Jugendcollege" (Research, 2017-2018) Zusammenfassung_Evaluierung_Jugendcollege_LR_Deutsch.pdfZusammenfassung_Evaluierung_Jugendcollege_LR_Deutsch.pdf
Labour Foundations in South-East Europe - Needs and Implementation Options (Research, 2017-2018) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Contact Points for People with Qualifications Gained Abroad during the Period 2013-2016 (Research, 2016) EB_Eval_AST_2016_10_17.pdfEB_Eval_AST_2016_10_17.pdf
The eternal Pay Gap? A brief analysis (Article, 2016) blog_8.Maerz_GPG_Bergmannpdf.pdfblog_8.Maerz_GPG_Bergmannpdf.pdf
Re-entry monitoring in Austria and the nine provinces, 3rd version (Research, 2016-2017) Publikation_WiMon_2006-2014_L&R_Sozialforschung_40.pdfPublikation_WiMon_2006-2014_L&R_Sozialforschung_40.pdf
Study on integrated delivery of social services aiming at the activation of minimum income recipients in the labour market - success factors and reform pathways (Research, 2016-2017) KE-02-18-644-EN-N.pdfKE-02-18-644-EN-N.pdf
EURES Evaluation (Research, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Study about the combination of technology and educational transition (Research, 2016) --no downloads--
Labour market policy measures für the Austrian-Moldovan cooperation within the construction industry (Consulting, 2016) --no downloads--
ESF implementation concept 'gender equality' within ESF-OP 2014-2020 (Consulting, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Posting of Workers, wage dumping: quantitative and qualitative developments in Austria (Research, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Workshop "Men and Reconciliation of Work and Family: Gain Experience of six selected European Countries" (Workshop, 2016) 1_presentation_Iceland.pdf1_presentation_Iceland.pdf
Current vocational trainings: renaissance of the notorious labour market segregation or new possibilities for an equal based world of employment? (Conference, 2016) Thematisches_Themenforum_Gleichstellung_BBFK_Steyr_2016.pdfThematisches_Themenforum_Gleichstellung_BBFK_Steyr_2016.pdf
Work-life Balance and Fathers in Austria? - Empirical Evidence at the Company Level (Book, 2016) --no downloads--
Feasibility study of a career development centre in Libya (Research, 2016) --no downloads--
Men and Reconciliation of Work and Family: Supporting the Path to Gender Equal Distribution of Parental Leave and Working Time (Research, 2015-2017) Projektinfo_EC_Maenner_und_Vereinbarkeit.pdfProjektinfo_EC_Maenner_und_Vereinbarkeit.pdf
Employment effects of the experimental labour-market policies in the 1980s and 1990s. A socio-historical analysis and conclusions for today (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Employment and personal circumstances of film-makers in Austria (Research, 2015-2016) KF_Arbeits-_Lebenssituation_Filmschaffende_2016_03_10.pdfKF_Arbeits-_Lebenssituation_Filmschaffende_2016_03_10.pdf
Educational Situation of Young Women in Trades and Technical Vocations (Research, 2015-2017) EB_Frauen_in_Handwerk_und_Technik_L&R_Endfassung.pdfEB_Frauen_in_Handwerk_und_Technik_L&R_Endfassung.pdf
Evaluation of Outplacement Foundations in Vienna focusing on a successful re-integration into the labour market (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Collection of good practices of non-monetary measures in the area of Women and Poverty (Research, 2015-2016) --no downloads--
Conference, 11. March 2016: Equal Pay: Right Away! Equal pay for equal work. Strategies for Austria and other European Member States (Lecture, 2015) Tagung_Equal_Pay_-_Right_Away__Programm.pdfTagung_Equal_Pay_-_Right_Away__Programm.pdf
Building Capacities in the Danube Region (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Development of a labour market related network of cities (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Establishment of a centre of excellence within the Moldovan financial sector (Research, 2015-2016) --no downloads--
Prognostic validation of the determination of the employment potential by analysing data from the Public Employment Service and the Main Association (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Demography and social statistics of individual entrepreneurs (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Labour market policy related Transfer of know-how in South East Europe based on the strategy Europe 2020 or strategy for the Danube Region (Research, 2015-2017) --no downloads--
ESF funding concept 'active and healthy aging' (Research, 2015-2016) --no downloads--
Contribution of the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund to extraordinary apprenticeship certificates (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Accompanying study Viennese youth support (Research, 2015-2016) --no downloads--
Girls and Boys Work in Austria: Existing Cooperations and further Requirements (Research, 2015) Endbericht_Maedchen_Burschen_KOO_November2015.pdfEndbericht_Maedchen_Burschen_KOO_November2015.pdf
40 years 40-hours-week in Austria. What now? Impulses für a gender-equal working time policy (Conference, 2015) Einladung_40_Jahre_40_Stundenwoche_-_Und_jetzt_21.10.2015_AK_Bildungszentrum.pdfEinladung_40_Jahre_40_Stundenwoche_-_Und_jetzt_21.10.2015_AK_Bildungszentrum.pdf
Accompanying evaluation of new employment projects for people with health impairments without the opportunity to receive invalidity pension (Research, 2015) KF_Eval_Smartwork_Triga_2015-08-17.pdfKF_Eval_Smartwork_Triga_2015-08-17.pdf
Girls and boys work in Austria: consisting cooperations and further needs within the field of vocational orientation (Lecture, 2015) --no downloads--
Men's share of care for children and professional care (Research, 2015) MENS_SHARE_OF_CARE_2015.pdfMENS_SHARE_OF_CARE_2015.pdf
Multifunctional centers within the Albanian vocational training (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Gender Segregation in the Labour Market and Education EU Exchange of Good Practices on Gender Equality (Research, 2015) at_comments_paper_dk_2015_en.pdfat_comments_paper_dk_2015_en.pdf
"Daddy's Month" in Austria - Exchange of Good Practice Concerning the Role of Men in Gender Equality EU Exchange of Good Practices on Gender Equality (Research, 2014) Daddy_Month_in_Austra_Discussion_paper_fi_2014_NadjaBergmann.pdfDaddy_Month_in_Austra_Discussion_paper_fi_2014_NadjaBergmann.pdf
Finnish Youth Guarantee. What May Be Inspiring to Austria? (Research, 2014) Summary_table_youth_guarantee_in_European_countries.pdfSummary_table_youth_guarantee_in_European_countries.pdf
Gender Pay Gap: New Solutions for an Old Problem Developing transnational strategies together with Trade Unions and gender Equality Units to tackle the Gender Pay Gap (Research, 2014-2015) Gender_Pay_Gap_Projektbeschreibung.pdfGender_Pay_Gap_Projektbeschreibung.pdf
Study of the financial impact of the unification of law concerning the continued payment of wages in case of incapacity to work due to illness, accident at work or occupational disease (Research, 2014-2016) --no downloads--
Quality assessment to the designation procedure according to Regulation (EU) 1303-2013 – Article 123f (Development, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
A Career Development Centre for Moldova (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Movement in gender relations? The role of men in Austria in a European comparison (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Operational conditions and reconciliation - a contradiction in itself? (Article, 2014) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Austrian Network for the rural Areas - Network of the Programme LE07-13 (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Baseline study on winter aid users (Research, 2014-2016) EB_L&R_Sozialforschung_-_Grundlagenerhebung_NutzerInnen_Winternothilfe_16.pdfEB_L&R_Sozialforschung_-_Grundlagenerhebung_NutzerInnen_Winternothilfe_16.pdf
Re-entry monitoring in Austria and the nine provinces, 2nd version (Research, 2014-2015) Studie_WiMon_2006_2012_GESAMT_20150617.pdfStudie_WiMon_2006_2012_GESAMT_20150617.pdf
Evaluation of assistance for school groups at the BIZ (career information centre) (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
New forms of work in the border area of Independence - Dependence. Analysis of the situation in the construction industry (Research, 2014) Endbericht_L&R_Sozialforschung_Neue_Arbeitsformen_Grenzbereich_SB-UB_-_Bau_(6).pdfEndbericht_L&R_Sozialforschung_Neue_Arbeitsformen_Grenzbereich_SB-UB_-_Bau_(6).pdf
Recent Developments in Active Labour Market Policy for Youth – Changes in the Incorporation of Social Work (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Men and Gender Equality – European insights (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Older adolescents on the labour market of Burgenland (Research, 2014) Endbericht_aeltere_Jugendliche_Bgld.pdfEndbericht_aeltere_Jugendliche_Bgld.pdf
Who has time? (Article, 2014) ArbeitWirtschaft_Maerz_2014.pdfArbeitWirtschaft_Maerz_2014.pdf
Assessment and approval of qualifications from the successor states of Yugoslavia (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Feasibility study of a building academy in Albania (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Consulting for the Albanian Institute for Economic Promotion (reporting, calculation, accounting) (Consulting, 2014) --no downloads--
The day care for children of employed parents in Austria (Research, 2014) Studie_Betreuung_schulpflichtiger_Kinder_2014_kurz.pdfStudie_Betreuung_schulpflichtiger_Kinder_2014_kurz.pdf
Men as actors of a new gender equality policy? New working times - new care-models - new courses of education (Conference, 2014) Einladung_Roleofmen_23_06_2014.pdfEinladung_Roleofmen_23_06_2014.pdf
Support with the clarification of documents from job seeking clients of states of the former Yugoslavia (Consulting, 2013-2016) --no downloads--
Individual entrepreneurs in Austria - current status and developments (Research, 2013-2014) --no downloads--
Skills forecasting –reverting negative trends in skills and jobs matching (Research, 2013-2014) Prijelom_DE.pdfPrijelom_DE.pdf
Study on the reconciliation of work and family (Research, 2013-2014) Vereinbarkeit_Beruf_und_Familie_EB_2014_L&R.pdfVereinbarkeit_Beruf_und_Familie_EB_2014_L&R.pdf
Developments in the field of wage dumping (Research, 2013-2014) Lohndumping_Endbericht_(2014-05-16).pdfLohndumping_Endbericht_(2014-05-16).pdf
Evaluation of employment measures taken by the Public Employment Service Carinthia (Research, 2013-2015) Endbericht_Evaluierung_BM_Kaernten_L&R_Sozialforschung_21.pdfEndbericht_Evaluierung_BM_Kaernten_L&R_Sozialforschung_21.pdf
Migrants in Vienna – 2014 (Research, 2013-2014) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the effects of the measures established under the Amendment to the Disabled Persons Employment Act (BGBl. I Nr. 111_2010) (Research, 2013-2014) --no downloads--
3 years of means-tested minimum income: implications for recipients’ re-entry into the employment market (Research, 2013-2014) Endbericht_3_Jahre_BMS_-_Auswirkung_auf_die_Wiedereingliederung_(74).pdfEndbericht_3_Jahre_BMS_-_Auswirkung_auf_die_Wiedereingliederung_(74).pdf
Evaluation of the Next Job Model of the Public Employment Service (“registering as unemployed with the Public Employment Service”) (Research, 2013-2014) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the two Mingo coaching offers: coaching for the foundation of enterprises and counselling on financing (Research, 2013-2014) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the AMS business start-up program (UGP) (Research, 2013) EB_Eval_UGP_Juli_2013.pdfEB_Eval_UGP_Juli_2013.pdf
Gender aspects of working time and working time policy. (Lecture, 2013) --no downloads--
Process monitoring and establishment of the ESF Programme in Austria 2014-2020 (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
National expertise for Austria within the framework of the Network of Experts in the Field of Gender Equality (ENEGE) (Network, 2012-2015) --no downloads--
Re-entry monitoring in Vienna and Austria, 1st version (Research, 2012-2013) Publikation_WiMon_2006-2010_LR_Sozialforschung_endv.pdfPublikation_WiMon_2006-2010_LR_Sozialforschung_endv.pdf
Quality of part-time work in Austria (Lecture, 2012) --no downloads--
Measures to increase client satisfaction at selected regional branch offices of the Public Employment Service Vienna (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
World Heritage Congress Hallstatt 2012 (Conference, 2012) 2_Prof._Mag._Peter_Zellmann.pdf2_Prof._Mag._Peter_Zellmann.pdf
(Research, 2012) --no downloads--
Supporting research by pilot project VITAL at Umdasch (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
Feasibility Study: Active Labour Market Policy for Artists - experiences and recommendations (Research, 2012) --no downloads--
Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Vienna (Research, 2012-2013) Migrantische_Oekonomien_in_Wien.pdfMigrantische_Oekonomien_in_Wien.pdf
National Expert for Austria for the Project “Collection of methods, tools and good practices in the field of Women and the Media” (Research, 2012) --no downloads--
Effects of the introduction of needs-oriented basic subsidies on the reintegration of benefit recipients into working life (Research, 2012) EB_Evaluierung_BMS_(23).pdfEB_Evaluierung_BMS_(23).pdf
Far from half half: The distribution between paid and unpaid work. In: Distribution instead of gambling. Ways to distributive justice. (Article, 2012) --no downloads--
Analysis of five National Reform Programmes 2012 regarding the Pursuit of the Union’s Gender Equality Objectives (Consulting, 2012) pe462510_en_FINAL_REPORT.pdfpe462510_en_FINAL_REPORT.pdf
Monitoring of the opening of the labour market - Effects on forms of employment and wage dumping (Research, 2011-2012) Monitoring_der_Arbeitsmarktoeffnung_LR_Sozialforschung_2012_(2012-06-02).pdfMonitoring_der_Arbeitsmarktoeffnung_LR_Sozialforschung_2012_(2012-06-02).pdf
DiverCity Vienna - Innovative Labour Market Policy and New Counselling Approaches for Migrants (Conference, 2011) 1_Praesentation_Bert-Jan_Buiskool.pdf1_Praesentation_Bert-Jan_Buiskool.pdf
EASYMetal – Development of a European Credit System for apprenticeship occupations in the field of metal industry (Research, 2011-2013) Flyer_EASYMetal_German_2011.pdfFlyer_EASYMetal_German_2011.pdf
Creating an online cross-border commuting brochure for the Austrian-German border regions (Consulting, 2011) --no downloads--
Exchange of good practices on gender equality: New Forms of Work - Flexible Working Time Arrangements (Research, 2011) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Viennese Assistance Programme for the Homeless (Research, 2011-2012) PUBLIKATION_evaluierung-wohnungslosenhilfe-bf.pdfPUBLIKATION_evaluierung-wohnungslosenhilfe-bf.pdf
Liberalisation (EU-8) of the Austrian labour market for the Austrian regions starting 1 May 2011 (Research, 2011) Liberalisierung_AM_Kurzfassung_(2012_09_10).pdfLiberalisierung_AM_Kurzfassung_(2012_09_10).pdf
Labour force potential in Vienna’s social assistance benefits system (Report, 2011) EB_Erwerbspotenzial_SH_Textband.pdfEB_Erwerbspotenzial_SH_Textband.pdf
Wage and social dumping through cross-border provision and deployment of temporary workers to Austria (focus: field of construction) (Research, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the EURES activities of the Public Employment Service Austria: The satisfaction of customers of the EURES services (Research, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Collection of examples for a better integration of the vocational orientation and information within schools (Report, 2010) Bericht_internationale_Good-Practice_BO_BI.pdfBericht_internationale_Good-Practice_BO_BI.pdf
Austrian-Slovenian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2010-2014) --no downloads--
Role of men in gender equality (Research, 2010-2014) WS-1_Background_paper_Do_Men_Care.pdfWS-1_Background_paper_Do_Men_Care.pdf
Training programme Vojvodina (Consulting, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Training network Belgrade (Consulting, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Improvement of the Staff Qualification for Survey, Evaluation and Prognosis of Employer’s Qualification Requirements and Requirements of Whole Regions (Research, 2010-2012) --no downloads--
Vienna commuters study (Research, 2010-2011) Bericht_PendlerInnen_(20).pdfBericht_PendlerInnen_(20).pdf
Interim evaluation of ESF communication and PR work in the framework of ESF OP 2007-2013 (Research, 2010) --no downloads--
Marginal part-time employment in Austria (Research, 2010-2011) Forschungsbericht_2011_Geringfuegige_Beschaeftigung_-_L&R_Sozialforschung_(53).pdfForschungsbericht_2011_Geringfuegige_Beschaeftigung_-_L&R_Sozialforschung_(53).pdf
Evaluation of Intercompany Vocational Training (ÜBA) (Research, 2010-2011) Endbericht_UeBA_Evaluierung_final_LR.pdfEndbericht_UeBA_Evaluierung_final_LR.pdf
Status quo of the Austrian Production Schools (Research, 2010-2011) Endericht_Produktionsschule_L&R.pdfEndericht_Produktionsschule_L&R.pdf
Compendium. Good practice examples in promoting diversity and implementing antidiscrimination measures in the labour market (Consulting, 2010) ENG_Compendium.pdfENG_Compendium.pdf
15 years of INTERREG-ETZ in Austria - Review and outlook: human resources, labour markets and migration (Research, 2010-2011) Bericht_15_Jahre_Interreg_-_HR__endversion.pdfBericht_15_Jahre_Interreg_-_HR__endversion.pdf
Evaluation of the Flexibility Counselling measure (Research, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
2010 manuals on labour force and qualification needs in the nine Austrian provinces (Research, 2010) --no downloads--
Employment situation of people with a migrant background (Research, 2010-2011) KF_Beschaeftigungssituation_MigrantInnen_in_Wien__11.8.2011_.pdfKF_Beschaeftigungssituation_MigrantInnen_in_Wien__11.8.2011_.pdf
Securing the economic future of the area through business aid schemes and employment market policy (Research, 2010-2012) --no downloads--
Socially disadvantaged people and people furthest from the labour market in the province of Burgenland (Research, 2010) Sozial_Benachteiligte_am_burgenlaendischen_AM.pdfSozial_Benachteiligte_am_burgenlaendischen_AM.pdf
European Employment Policy Observatory - SYSDEM Expert (Consulting, 2009-2015) --no downloads--
Evaluation of EURES (Research, 2009) --no downloads--
Austrian-Croatian labour market cooperation 2009 - 2010 (Consulting, 2009-2010) D-Barbara_Willsberger.pdfD-Barbara_Willsberger.pdf
Working poor in Vienna (Research, 2009-2011) Working_Poor_Web.pdfWorking_Poor_Web.pdf
Hungarian cross-border commuters in Austria (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the 2007-2009 employment campaign (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Austrian-wide evaluation of FiT programme (Research, 2009) EB_Evaluierung_des_FiT_Programms_oesterreichweit.pdfEB_Evaluierung_des_FiT_Programms_oesterreichweit.pdf
Securing employment and income in rural areas (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Qualitative evaluation of the FiT programme in Lower Austria (Research, 2009) AMS_Info_165_NOeFiT.pdfAMS_Info_165_NOeFiT.pdf
Evaluation of the Work Ability-Coaching in the context of the qualification consulting for SMEs - Assessment of the effectiveness (Research, 2009-2010) AMS_OOE_Endbericht_AB_C_2010_lr.pdfAMS_OOE_Endbericht_AB_C_2010_lr.pdf
Employment policy networking in the framework of the project Supra-regional employment initiative Vienna-Bratislava (Consulting, 2009-2011) --no downloads--
Women\'s barometer 2009 (Research, 2009) frauenbarometer09-kurz.pdffrauenbarometer09-kurz.pdf
KOOP AT-RO: Cooperation on Labour Market Policy between Austria and Romania 2009-2011 (Consulting, 2009-2011) --no downloads--
Support the demand for skilled personnel through Alumnis of universites of apllied sciences (Research, 2009) Wiener_FH_AbsolventInnen_am_Arbeitsmarkt.pdfWiener_FH_AbsolventInnen_am_Arbeitsmarkt.pdf
Supervision and support of the establishment of a nationwide labour market policy programme for the disabled for 2010-2011 (Consulting, 2009) --no downloads--
(Conference, 2009) --no downloads--
Expert Academies - Model for Successs of Cross-Border Labour Market Policy (Article, 2009) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the employment policy support measures of the public employment service (AMS) Carinthia (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Qualification network Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Consulting, 2009) --no downloads--
Is temporary work in crisis? (Research, 2009) ENDBERICHT_AKUe.pdfENDBERICHT_AKUe.pdf
The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2008-2014) Imagefolder_EXPAK_AT.HU.pdfImagefolder_EXPAK_AT.HU.pdf
The day care for children of full-time employed parents in Austria (Research, 2008-2009) Betreuung_schulpflichtiger_Kinder_von_erwerbstaetigen_Eltern.pdfBetreuung_schulpflichtiger_Kinder_von_erwerbstaetigen_Eltern.pdf
World Heritage Region Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt, Obertraun (Consulting, 2008-2014) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the “FEM Implacement” foundation Upper Austria (Research, 2008-2009) EB_FEM-Implacementteilnehmerinnen.pdfEB_FEM-Implacementteilnehmerinnen.pdf
2008 Manuals on workforce and qualification needs in the nine federal states (Research, 2008-2009) --no downloads--
Croatia working group: Capacity Building Employment Service (Consulting, 2008) --no downloads--
Quality of part-time employment and improvement of the position of women on the employment market (Research, 2008-2009) Endbericht_Qualitaet_von_Teilzeit.pdfEndbericht_Qualitaet_von_Teilzeit.pdf
Conceptualisation of Disability Flexicurity Pilot (Research, 2008) --no downloads--
Qualitative analysis in connection with employment careers of trainees in Vienna (Research, 2008) --no downloads--
Analysis of matching processes within the scope of the study Location factor qualification - Vienna (Research, 2008) --no downloads--
Employment market analyses in the framework of the ETC project Netlab (Network for labour market cooperation in the border region HU-AT) (Research, 2008-2012) --no downloads--
Training of labour administration personnel in the Republic of Cyprus (Consulting, 2008) --no downloads--
Women in technical professions in Upper Austria II (Research, 2008-2009) Bericht_Frauen_in_Technik_in_OOe.pdfBericht_Frauen_in_Technik_in_OOe.pdf
Gender Pay Gap in Vienna - facts and figures (Lecture, 2008) Praesentation_femcities_L&R.pdfPraesentation_femcities_L&R.pdf
The Austrian-Slovak Expert Academy (Consulting, 2008-2011) --no downloads--
Evaluation of measures of the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) and their effects on appropriate employment and income (Research, 2008-2009) EB_Eval_Kurse_AMS_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdfEB_Eval_Kurse_AMS_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdf
Requirements of companies in regard to personnel recruitment (Research, 2008) KURZFASSUNG_Personalsuche.pdfKURZFASSUNG_Personalsuche.pdf
Good Practice of non-profit personell leasing for disabled persons (Research, 2007) endbericht_gakue_fuer_mmb_l&r_sozialforschung.pdfendbericht_gakue_fuer_mmb_l&r_sozialforschung.pdf
Satisfaction, income situation and vocational perspectives of new forms of employment (Article, 2007) --no downloads--
Atypical employment relationships and volume of work in Carinthia (Research, 2007-2008) Kurzfassung_L&R_AtypArbKtn.pdfKurzfassung_L&R_AtypArbKtn.pdf
Migrants in Vienna´s employment market (Research, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Ethnic Businesses in Vienna (Report, 2007) Kurzfassung_EB_LR_Sozialforschung_Ethnische_Oekonomien_(V2).pdfKurzfassung_EB_LR_Sozialforschung_Ethnische_Oekonomien_(V2).pdf
Mismatch unemployment in Upper Austria (Research, 2007) Endbericht_Mismatch_Arbeitslosigkeit_in_OOe.pdfEndbericht_Mismatch_Arbeitslosigkeit_in_OOe.pdf
The introduction of the child care benefit in Austria. Catches and opportunities (Lecture, 2007) Praesentation_KBG_(7).pdfPraesentation_KBG_(7).pdf
Cross-border comparison of occupational outlooks - A trend analysis (Research, 2007-2008) Trendanalyse_Berufe_EB_MA27_final.pdfTrendanalyse_Berufe_EB_MA27_final.pdf
Ongoing Evaluation - PISA INNOVATIV 2007-2008 (Research, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Austrian-Slovenian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Study on the social situation of artists in Austria (Research, 2007-2008) KURZFASSUNG_studie_soziale_lage_kunstschaffende.pdfKURZFASSUNG_studie_soziale_lage_kunstschaffende.pdf
Situation report on the Gender Wage Gap in Vienna (Research, 2007-2008) Kurzfassung_Einkommensunterschiede_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdfKurzfassung_Einkommensunterschiede_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdf
Evaluation of EURES Austria (Report, 2006) --no downloads--
Gender Budgeting in practice (Research, 2006-2007) --no downloads--
Barometer of public opinion industrial quarter (Report, 2006) Bericht_Panel_1__endversion_.pdfBericht_Panel_1__endversion_.pdf
Evaluation Clearing (Report, 2006) Eval_Clearing_Endbericht_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdfEval_Clearing_Endbericht_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdf
Employmenttrends in Vienna 1991 - 2001 (Report, 2006) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the introduction of child care benefits (Report, 2006) Endbericht_Eval_KBG_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdfEndbericht_Eval_KBG_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdf
Survey among businesses concerning the profitability of the qualification consultancy of the AMS (Report, 2006) --no downloads--
GeM-InfoLetter \"Time for Women - Time for Men\" (Infoletter, 2006) GeM_Infoletter_Nr_17_2006.pdfGeM_Infoletter_Nr_17_2006.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter \"Gainful Employment and Caring\" (Infoletter, 2006) --no downloads--
Extension of PES Service for Companies in order to Raise the Percentage of Vacancies notified to the PES (Report, 2006) Endbericht_SfU_AMS_Bgld_final.pdfEndbericht_SfU_AMS_Bgld_final.pdf
Discontinuity management in natural scientific and technological career paths (Report, 2006) projektbeschreibung_diskontinuitaetenmanagement.pdfprojektbeschreibung_diskontinuitaetenmanagement.pdf
Formulation of model-type suggestions of training measures by line of work and levels of qualification (Report, 2006) --no downloads--
Study: Temporary Agency Work in Austria (Research, 2006-2007) --no downloads--
Satisfaction, income situation and job-perspectives of new forms of work in Vienna (Report, 2006) Neue_Erwerbsformen_Wien_Endbericht_(32)_BAND_1.pdfNeue_Erwerbsformen_Wien_Endbericht_(32)_BAND_1.pdf
Innovative Employment Policy (Tutorial, 2006) --no downloads--
Report on the situation of women in Vienna 2005 (Report, 2005) --no downloads--
Update of the mid term evaluation of the Objective 1 Programme Burgenland 2000-2006 (Report, 2005) --no downloads--
Results of the accompanying research to the IRMKA model projects (Report, 2005) Befunde_der_Begleitforschung-IRMKA.pdfBefunde_der_Begleitforschung-IRMKA.pdf
Gender equal working time (Report, 2005) Endbericht_geschlechtergerechte_Arbeitszeiten.pdfEndbericht_geschlechtergerechte_Arbeitszeiten.pdf
The third sector as labour market policy player - Status quo and challenges from the supra-regional perspective (Report, 2005) Der_Dritte_Sektor.pdfDer_Dritte_Sektor.pdf
Structure of Qualification and Employment in Austria: Main Trends in the Decade from 1991-2001 and Outlook until 2010 (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
EQUAL Development Partnership: Space!lab (Consulting, 2005-2007) space!lab_folder.pdfspace!lab_folder.pdf
Ongoing evaluation of the EQUAL Development Partnership \"spurwechsel\" (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
Ongoing evaluation of the EQUAL Development Partnership \"Generation 19+\" (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
Increasing the employment of women through flexible work arrangements. Oslo, 26.-27. May 2005 (Lecture, 2005) --no downloads--
The moralisation of risk? The good ones in the potty, the bad ones in the employment simulation? What does a second labour market accomplish? (Lecture, 2005) riesenfelder_beitr.pdfriesenfelder_beitr.pdf
Corporate strategies and cross-border regional integration (Report, 2005) Studie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdfStudie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdf
Support with the implementation of the Gender Mainstreaming strategy in the equal partnership Pro-Fit Lower Austria (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
New Self-employed in Austria (Report, 2005) EB_Neue_Selbstaendige_L&R_Social_Research_Feb_2005.pdfEB_Neue_Selbstaendige_L&R_Social_Research_Feb_2005.pdf
Gender Mainstreaming coordination for the development partnership space!lab (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
Equal opportunities?! The situation of women in the Austro-Hungarian border region (Report, 2005) Endbericht_Situation_von_Frauen_in_Ungarn_und_Oesterreich1.pdfEndbericht_Situation_von_Frauen_in_Ungarn_und_Oesterreich1.pdf
The situation of women in the labour market in the Austro-Hungarian boarder region (Lecture, 2005) D-Referat_Willsberger,_L&R_Sozialforschung__Oe-H_Konferenz_2005.pdfD-Referat_Willsberger,_L&R_Sozialforschung__Oe-H_Konferenz_2005.pdf
Research accompanying the TELFI EQUAL-Project - Tele-learning for convicts (Report, 2005) --no downloads--
Investigations for the report of the federal government regarding the cutback of the discrimination of women. Report period: 2003-2004 (Report, 2005) --no downloads--
Quality criterias for part time employment - a contradiction in itself? (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
"The participation was useful in any case." Results of the evaluation of the project TELFI (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
Non Standard Employment: Temporary Agency Work and New Self-employed (Report, 2005) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming in the Public employment Service (Report, 2004) --no downloads--
Pilot Project CENTROPE LABOUR (Consulting, 2004-2005) --no downloads--
Support-structure for the LMP database (Labour Market Policy Database) of Eurostat (Consulting, 2004-2006) --no downloads--
Supraregional Employment Strategy Vienna-Bratislava (Consulting, 2004-2006) UeBS-newsletter_1.pdfUeBS-newsletter_1.pdf
Positive Factors for a Non-traditionally Choice of Occupation (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Innovation in employment policy (Tutorial, 2004) --no downloads--
New Worlds of Labour - Contingent Employment (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming in the Public Employment Service, Copenhagen, October 25-26, 2004 (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Part time employment in Austria (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Stigma and anti-stigmatization from sociopoliticfal viewpoint (Lecture, 2004) Stigma_und_Entstigmatisierung.pdfStigma_und_Entstigmatisierung.pdf
Quality Standards for Part-time Employment? Findings of a Study in Austria (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Topic forums Gender Mainstreaming Coordination Unit (Workshop, 2004-2006) --no downloads--
Practical Handbook Gender Mainstreaming (Book, 2004) GeM_Praxishandbuch.pdfGeM_Praxishandbuch.pdf
Experts Academies as intermediate organizations of crossborder labour market policy (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
THE THIRD SECTOR IN VIENNA - THE FUTURE LABOUR MARKET? (Report, 2004) Infomappe.EP_Dritter_Sektor.pdfInfomappe.EP_Dritter_Sektor.pdf
Social Economy - An Introductory Discussion (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
Continuous evaluation of Job Alliance Styria (Report, 2004) Endbericht_JobAllianz_Endversion1.pdfEndbericht_JobAllianz_Endversion1.pdf
Ongoing evaluation of NAP interventions for young people (Report, 2004) NAP_Jugendliche_Endbericht_endversion-neu.pdfNAP_Jugendliche_Endbericht_endversion-neu.pdf
Company Strategies and crossborder regional Integration (Report, 2004) Studie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdfStudie_der_EXPAK_Unternehmensstrategien.pdf
Ongoing evaluation of the EQUAL Project "Ways to Work" (Consulting, 2003-2005) --no downloads--
Labour market conferences of the Expert Academy (Conference, 2003-2007) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Czech Experts Academy (Consulting, 2003-2007) --no downloads--
Ex ante Evaluation of the Hungarian National Development Plan (Consulting, 2003) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the EQUAL-project \"Telelearning for imprisoned people (TELFI)\" (Consulting, 2003-2005) --no downloads--
Toolbox, manual and portal \"Third Sector\" (Consulting, 2003-2005) Handbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdfHandbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdf
Peer Review Programme of the European Employment Strategy: The UK Rapid Response Service (Workshop, 2003) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming within the ESF – from Theory into Practice (Conference, 2003) --no downloads--
Older people on the labour market (Lecture, 2003) --no downloads--
Qualified part-time employment in Austria. Survey and Potential (Report, 2003) QualTZ-Zusammenfassung.pdfQualTZ-Zusammenfassung.pdf
(Report, 2003) Bericht-LETZTFASSUNG_Abbau_Benacht_v_Frauen.pdfBericht-LETZTFASSUNG_Abbau_Benacht_v_Frauen.pdf
Mid-term Evaluation of ESF 2000-2006 Objective 3 Austria (Report, 2003) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the European Social Fund 2000-2006 Objective 3. Austria (Report, 2003) --no downloads--
Results from Interviews of Commuters (Report, 2003) Kurzbericht_Pendler_AMS-NOe_250603.pdfKurzbericht_Pendler_AMS-NOe_250603.pdf
Unemployment and youth unemployment in Austria (Book, 2003) --no downloads--
Monitoring of the implementation of gender mainstreaming in Austria´s Territorial Employment Pacts (Consulting, 2002-2005) TEPGEM_Indikatoren.pdfTEPGEM_Indikatoren.pdf
Vocational orientation and Entry into the gender divided Labour Market of Female Youth (Report, 2002) endbericht_band_i.pdfendbericht_band_i.pdf
Transnational Network within the EQUAL development partnership \"Third Sector Vienna\" (Network, 2002-2005) Infomappe_EP_Dritter_Sektor_in_Wien.pdfInfomappe_EP_Dritter_Sektor_in_Wien.pdf
Innovative Labour Market Policy (measures, financing, legal ground) (Tutorial, 2002) --no downloads--
ITs: An employment project for people with psychic disabilities (Report, 2002) --no downloads--
Continuous evaluation of the NAP-measures for young people (Report, 2002) Evaluation_Nap_Jugendliche_Schwerpunktbericht_4_2002.pdfEvaluation_Nap_Jugendliche_Schwerpunktbericht_4_2002.pdf
Customers Expectations to the Public Employment Service (AMS) Lower Austria (Report, 2002) --no downloads--
Continuous evaluation of the measure women@web (Report, 2002) endbericht_women_web_an_den_waff.pdfendbericht_women_web_an_den_waff.pdf
Monitoring and evaluating ESF objective 3 in Austria from 1995-1999 (Report, 2002) --no downloads--
Review of the Implementation of the Guidelines on Local Development in the Employment NAP from 1998 to 2001 in Austria (Report, 2002) austria_revised_acc.pdfaustria_revised_acc.pdf
Evaluation of IT- and commercial courses for the Burgenland (Book, 2002) --no downloads--
Ex-post-evaluation of the objective 5b- and LEADER II - programmes 1995 – 1999 in Austria, volume I – objective 5b (Book, 2002) --no downloads--
Women and New Technologies (Consulting, 2001-2003) Forschungsstand_IST-Analyse_ENDVERSION3.pdfForschungsstand_IST-Analyse_ENDVERSION3.pdf
The situation of older employees on the labour market of Vienna (Report, 2001) endbericht_aeltere_arbeitnehmerinnen_in_wien_an_ma_57_01_06_20.pdfendbericht_aeltere_arbeitnehmerinnen_in_wien_an_ma_57_01_06_20.pdf
Evaluation of seminars and workshops of UNIUN 2001 (Report, 2001) --no downloads--
Continuous evaluation of the NAP-measures for young people (Report, 2001) Evaluation_NAP_Jugendliche_Schwerpunktbericht_3_2001.pdfEvaluation_NAP_Jugendliche_Schwerpunktbericht_3_2001.pdf
Women‘s employment foundation (FAST), assessment of labour market policy effects (Book, 2001) --no downloads--
Focus on active labour market policy: Evaluation of socio-economic companies (Book, 2001) --no downloads--
Aging as a chance. Rooms – tasks – challenges. Brainstorming for Vienna (Workshop, 2000) Artikel_Aeltere_Frauen_in_Wien_an_WWZ_01-04.pdfArtikel_Aeltere_Frauen_in_Wien_an_WWZ_01-04.pdf
Aging on the Viennese labour market. About outsiders and those getting off (Lecture, 2000) Referat_Aeltere_am_Wiener_Arbeitsmarkt_(Langfassung)_30-11-00.pdfReferat_Aeltere_am_Wiener_Arbeitsmarkt_(Langfassung)_30-11-00.pdf
Coordination Unit for Gender Mainstreaming within the European Social Fund 2000-2007 (Consulting, 2000-2007) GEM_Erfahrungsbericht.pdfGEM_Erfahrungsbericht.pdf
The Roma Centre in "Bogdán János" - Roma Minority Community Centre in Nagykanizsa (Brochure, 2000) Expak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdfExpak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdf
Analysis of the Number of Employees of Enterprises supported by the Special Integration Subsidy (Report, 2000) Endbericht_BESEB_Transitionsanalysen.pdfEndbericht_BESEB_Transitionsanalysen.pdf
Equal Opportunity for Women and Men in Unemployment Measures (Report, 2000) ChglEvaluierung_ESF_1995_1997_Endbericht.pdfChglEvaluierung_ESF_1995_1997_Endbericht.pdf
Continuous evaluation of the NAP-measures for young people (Report, 2000) Eval_NAP_Zwischenbericht_1.pdfEval_NAP_Zwischenbericht_1.pdf
Ex-ante Evaluation of the Vienna Objective 2 Programme 2000–2006 (Report, 2000) endbericht_ex_ante_ziel_2_wien.pdfendbericht_ex_ante_ziel_2_wien.pdf
Ex-ante Evaluation of EPPD Objective 3 for the Programme Period 2000–2006 in Austria (Report, 2000) Endber1-Ex_ante_Ziel3.pdfEndber1-Ex_ante_Ziel3.pdf
Evaluation of Socioeconomic Enterprises (Report, 2000) SOeB_evaluierung_endbericht.pdfSOeB_evaluierung_endbericht.pdf
Evaluation of IT and commercial seminars (Year of seminars 97/98) (Report, 2000) Kurse BGLD Endbericht.pdfKurse BGLD Endbericht.pdf
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Toolbox to Promote Entrepreneurship in Higher Education (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
Foreign Workers and Second- and Third-Generation Descendants Looking for Work in an Urban Area, and the Conditions They Find on the Job and on the Labour Market (Report, 2000) URBANE_AuslaenderInnen.pdfURBANE_AuslaenderInnen.pdf
Open and Remote Learning with Special Groups in the Labour Market (Report, 2000) endbericht_fernlehre.pdfendbericht_fernlehre.pdf
Monitoring Active Labour Market Policy Measures in the Province of Tyrol, 1997 (Report, 2000) --no downloads--
Involving the Unemployed in Labour-Market Policy (Report, 2000) eb_arbeitslosenkomiteesiii.pdfeb_arbeitslosenkomiteesiii.pdf
Continuous evaluation of the NAP-measures for young people (Report, 2000) Eval_NAP_Zwischenbericht_2.pdfEval_NAP_Zwischenbericht_2.pdf
Function, tasks and relevance of the job information centres for career orientation at schools (Report, 2000) Endbericht_Evaluation_Funktion_der_Berufsinfozentren.pdfEndbericht_Evaluation_Funktion_der_Berufsinfozentren.pdf
Evaluation of the modules "Active Search for Work" (Report, 2000) eb_aktive_arbeitsuche.pdfeb_aktive_arbeitsuche.pdf
Brochure for Unemployed Persons with a Disability (Book, 2000) --no downloads--
The Development of Youth Employment and Unemployment in Austria (Book, 2000) --no downloads--
Challenges of Labour Market Policy (Tutorial, 1999) --no downloads--
European Conference: Transition from Initial Vocational Training into stable Employment (Conference, 1999) --no downloads--
Evaluation of Training Measures (Report, 1999) endbericht_trmn_17__inkl_dv98_off2000_.pdfendbericht_trmn_17__inkl_dv98_off2000_.pdf
Equal Opportunity in the European Social Fund (Report, 1999) Chancengleichheit_im_ESF_Qualitative_Evaluierung_der_ESF_Programmperiode_1995_2000.pdfChancengleichheit_im_ESF_Qualitative_Evaluierung_der_ESF_Programmperiode_1995_2000.pdf
Evaluation of the Special Integration Measure (BESEB), 1997 (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
Evaluation of Social and Labour-Market Policy Measures in the “Integrationshaus”/House of Integration in Vienna (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
Documentation of a Evaluation Seminar in Hungary (Értékelési Szeminárium) (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Foundation-like Measure FAST—A Women’s Labour Foundation in Vienna (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
Investigation of Literature on the Topic: Effects of Eastern Enlargement of the EU on the Austrian Labour Market (Report, 1999) eu_osterw_literaturrecherche.pdfeu_osterw_literaturrecherche.pdf
UNIUN—University Students and Graduates as Entrepreneurs: Market and Employment Analysis (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities on the Labor Market: The Austrian Case (Article, 1999) --no downloads--
Employment for Elderly People on the Labour Market: The Austrian Case (Article, 1999) --no downloads--
Structures of Labour Market and Innovative Employment Measures (Book, 1999) --no downloads--
What Does Equal Opportunity Mean? (Book, 1999) --no downloads--
Discussion in Info-Corner 3. In: Federal Ministry for Labour, Health and Social Affairs [BMAGS] [ed.] Europe and Everything will be Better? Equal Opportunities for Men and Women. The Realization of Labour-Market Policy Target set by the European Social Fu (Book, 1999) --no downloads--
Evaluation of AQUA (Book, 1999) --no downloads--
Equal Opportunity for Women and Men in Unemployment Measures (Book, 1999) --no downloads--
Route counselling as a way to improve the access to and the effectiveness of training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups on the labour market (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
Pirated Perspectives: Risk Analyses and Their Effects on Student Awareness (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
How to Found an Enterprise? Motivation of High School Graduates for Self-employment (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Activities of the Work Training Centers (ATZ) (Report, 1998) ATZ_Endbericht.pdfATZ_Endbericht.pdf
COTRAIN—Continuing Education for Personnel Working in Measures for Disadvantaged Youth: Project in the Framework of the Community Initiative “Employment-Youthstart” (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
Vocational and Criminal Careers. The Role of the Sentencing and Public Employment Offices in the Rehabilitation of Persons with a Criminal Record (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
Evaluation of AQUA: Strategy, Realization and Achievements of Labour-Market Policy Targets by an Innovative Qualification Measure for Women in Vienna (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
Underemployment in the European Union—Recent Trends in Austria (Article, 1998) --no downloads--
Route Counselling as an Instrument of Active Labour-Market Policy (Book, 1998) --no downloads--
Effectiveness of the Subsidy Program for Company Integration of Labour-Market Problem Groups as a Labour-Market Policy Instrument (Book, 1998) --no downloads--
Subsidy to Regular Employment in Enterprises: Evaluation of a Subsidy Program for Company Integration of Labour-Market Problem Groups, Implemented in Vienna and Lower Austria in 1993 (Book, 1998) --no downloads--
Professional and Criminal Careers: The Role of Sentencing and Public Employment Services in the Rehabilitation of Delinquents (Book, 1998) --no downloads--
Unqualified Youth in Lower Austria: Background Material for the Official Enquiry “Youth Employment by Qualification”, organized by the Social-Democratic Party of Lower Austria (Report, 1997) --no downloads--
Cuts in Unemployment Payments—Promotion of Placement by Means of Sanctions: Article 10 of the Austrian Unemployment Insurance Act (AlVG) in Practical Use (Report, 1997) --no downloads--
Evaluation of Employment Subsidies 1993 in Vienna and Lower Austria (Report, 1997) --no downloads--
Evaluation Focussing on Target Groups and Target Group Specific Measures in the Framework of the Pilot Project for the Integration of the Long-term Unemployed (Report, 1997) --no downloads--
Prognosis on Employment and Unemployment Trends in Austria (Article, 1997) --no downloads--
Task of Public Institutions in a Context of Vocational Re-integration of Released Delinquents (Book, 1997) --no downloads--
Re-Qualification of Youth and Young Adults. Experiences and Perspectives in Austrian and Abroad (Book, 1997) --no downloads--
Company Integration Subsidy (Book, 1997) --no downloads--
Labour-Market Studies Austria (Book, 1997) --no downloads--
Evaluation of ESF Co-financed Measures for the Re-qualification of Persons with Disabilities: Placement and Orientation Measures (Report, 1996) --no downloads--
Special Analysis of “Women-Specific Aspects of the Action 8000” Program” (Report, 1996) --no downloads--
Labour-Market Policy Measures to Combine Labour and Learning in the European Union (Report, 1996) --no downloads--
Efficient Job Creation. Results of an Outcome Analysis of the Action 8000 Program (Report, 1996) --no downloads--
Re-employment of Women in Vienna. Potential—Perspectives—Measures (Report, 1996) --no downloads--
Employment Situation of Computer Specialists (Article, 1996) --no downloads--
The Integration of Disadvantaged Groups on the Labour Market. Trends in Austria (Article, 1996) --no downloads--
Information Society—Effects on Employment: Austrian Experiences (Article, 1996) --no downloads--
Trends of Employment Policy in Austria?Recommendations of the Summit Conference in Essen (Article, 1996) --no downloads--
Efficiency of Labour-Market Policy-Employment Measures in Austria: Results of an Efficiency Analysis about “Aktion 8000” (Book, 1996) --no downloads--
Results of Innovative Labour-Market Policy (Book, 1996) --no downloads--
Outcome Indicators for Measures of Innovative Labour-Market Policy in Practical Use: Study accompanying the Test Run (Report, 1995) --no downloads--
Comparing the Professional Development of Persons Receiving an “Action 8000” Subsidy, with Non-subsidized Jobless Persons (Report, 1995) --no downloads--
Up to the Requirements—The Effect of the “Action 800” Employment Program (Report, 1995) --no downloads--
Qualification of Key Officials in Measures for Innovative Labour-Market Policy: Qualification Profile, Deficiencies and Opportunities for Continuing Education (Report, 1995) --no downloads--
Overview of Labor-market Flexibility and Employment and Labor-market Trends (Article, 1995) --no downloads--
Efficiency Control in Innovative Labour-Market Policy (Book, 1995) --no downloads--
Qualification and Employment of Women: The Model Project ABZ in the Vienna District Meidling (Book, 1995) --no downloads--
Effects of the Job-creation Program Aktion 8000: Subsidized Employment instead of Unemployment Benefit Payments—Beyond the Debate of Social Parasitism (Book, 1995) --no downloads--
Qualifying Measures in Lower Austria (Report, 1994) --no downloads--
The Development of the ‘Action 8000’ Program between 1988 and 1990: An Outcome Analysis (Report, 1994) --no downloads--
Innovative Approaches of Active Labour-Market Policy in Austria: Updated and Extended Version (Report, 1994) --no downloads--
The Meidling Training and Employment Centre—Results of an Accompanying Study (Report, 1993) --no downloads--
Labour-Market Administration and Social Partnership (Book, 1993) --no downloads--
Outcome Indicators for Innovative Labour-Market Policy Measures (Report, 1992) --no downloads--
Criteria for Project-specific Efficiency Control: Activation, Information, Qualification, Employment (Report, 1992) --no downloads--
Teachers in the Private Economy: A Model Project (Report, 1992) --no downloads--
Too Close for Comfort—The Cooperative Relationship between Labour-Market Policy Information Centres and Public Employment Services: Problem Areas and Opportunities for Improvement (Report, 1992) --no downloads--
Efficiency Criteria for Measures of Innovative Labour-Market Policies (Book, 1992) --no downloads--
Trade and Industry—An Option? Alternatives to the School Service Seen from the Perspectives of Teachers and Enterprises (Book, 1992) --no downloads--
Counteracting Long-term Unemployment in Austria—Measures and Results (Report, 1991) --no downloads--
Ways Out of Long-term Unemployment - The Austrian Experience (Report, 1991) --no downloads--
Counteracting Long-term Unemployment in Austria - Measures and Results (Report, 1991) --no downloads--
Offensive Labour-Market Policy in Upper Austria (Report, 1991) --no downloads--
Labour Foundations: Experiences and Perspectives (Report, 1991) --no downloads--
Labour-Market Policy Advisory and Counselling Centres—Cooperation with the Labour-Market Services (Report, 1991) --no downloads--
Evaluation of Social and Employment Initiatives in Vienna (Report, 1991) --no downloads--
Too Close for Comfort: Cooperation in Innovative Labor-Market Policy (Article, 1991) --no downloads--
Job Opportunities for Women Re-entering the Labour Market as Seen in a Regional Context: The Urban Settlement “Am Schöpfwerk” in Vienna (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Foundations for Employment: Experiences and Development Perspectives (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Offensive Labour-Market Policy in Upper Austria (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Forgotten Areas of Women’s Work (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Innovative Approaches in Active Labour-Market Policy: A Survey (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Social Projects in Vienna. Employment and Training Experiments in the City (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Work and Learning: Materials for a Model Project for Offensive Labour-Market Policy (Report, 1990) --no downloads--
In the Vienna District Am Schöpfwerk: Labour-Market Problem-Solving in a Regional Context (Report, 1990) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the Association Interim Employment for Young People in the Tyrol (Report, 1990) --no downloads--
Evaluation of Employment and Training Initiatives in Vienna Subsidized by Labour-Market Promotion Funds (Report, 1990) --no downloads--
Private Employment Services in Austria (Report, 1990) --no downloads--
Required by the Labour Market. Long-term Unemployment In Spite of a Lack of Labour Force—An Area of Action for Economic and Social Policy in Vienna (Book, 1990) --no downloads--
Unemployment Careers: Person-related Longitudinal Analyses in Austria 1981–1988 (Book, 1990) --no downloads--
One-sided Concern. The Structure of Unemployment in Austria 1989 (Book, 1990) --no downloads--
Preventing Exclusion: Using Public Services to Counsel Problem Groups in the Labour Market (Report, 1989) --no downloads--
Analysis of Beneficiaries Database of the Austrian Public Employment Services for the Year 1988 (Article, 1989) --no downloads--
Reduced Flow: Features of Unemployment in Austria 1988 (Book, 1989) --no downloads--
Combined Training and Employment Measures in the European Community (Report, 1988) --no downloads--
Offensive Labor-market Policy and Administrative Design (Article, 1988) --no downloads--
Sociopolitical Aspects of Labor-Market Policy (Article, 1988) --no downloads--
Action 8000: Efficiency Analyses of a Labour-Market Policy-Promoting Program (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
Diminishing Chances of Re-employment. Features of Unemployment in Austria, 1985–1987 (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
Regional Employment Policy: Aktion 8000 in Salzburg (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
Efficiency of the "Action 8000" Employment Program (Book, 1987) --no downloads--
Labour-Market Policy. Experimental Labour-Market Policy - An Explorative Evaluation Study XXXII (Book, 1987) --no downloads--
Professional Start of Social Scientists (Article, 1985) --no downloads--
An Unconventional Employment and Housing Initiative (Book, 1984) --no downloads--
(Book) SPID-18_Barrierefrei-Gesamt_Final_40_40.pdfSPID-18_Barrierefrei-Gesamt_Final_40_40.pdf

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