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Lechner, Reiter & Riesenfelder
Sozialforschung OG, Wien

Finnish Youth Guarantee. What May Be Inspiring to Austria? (Research, 2014)

In the context of the EU programme "Mutual Learning Programme (MLP)", which was established within the framework of the European Employment Strategy, so-called "Peer Reviews" are organised, which enable an EU-wide exchange of expertise on a specific topic.

From 18-19 September 2014, an EU-wide peer review took place around the topic of "Youth Guarantee". Finnish experts presented their current approaches to the topic and discussed them with the European experts. On the Austrian side, Nadja Bergmann took part in this meeting as an independent expert (together with a representative of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection) and presented the cornerstones of the "Austrian Youth Guarantee".

Nadja Bergmann also wrote a paper entitled "Finnish Youth Guarantee - What May Be Inspiring to Austria?", which describes the Austrian youth guarantee and discusses its possible further development against the background of the Finnish Youth Guarantee.

Team: Nadja Bergmann

Status: finished



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