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Lechner, Reiter & Riesenfelder
Sozialforschung OG, Wien

Supervision and support of the establishment of a nationwide labour market policy programme for the disabled for 2010-2011 (Consulting, 2009)

The nationwide employment market policy programme for the disabled (BABE) defines the strategic orientation of all activities in the context of labour market policy for people with disabilities. The project's objective was supporting the working group consisting of representatives of the Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMASK) and the Federal Social Welfare Authority (BSB) in elaborating BABE 2010-2011. This included the organisation of two working group meetings (with representatives of BMASK and BSB) and two workshops with directors of the regional offices of the BSB and leaders of the rehabilitation departments of the regional offices. The draft versions of the BABE, which were elaborated by the project team, were presented and discussed by the participants in the framework of the workshops. The results were taken into consideration by the project team during the revision of BABE. The final product was the print version of BABE 2010/2011.

Team: Ferdinand Lechner, Barbara Willsberger

Client: Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection

Status: finished


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