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Lechner, Reiter & Riesenfelder
Sozialforschung OG, Wien

Survey: clients and employees of the federal social welfare authorities (BSB) (Research, 2007)

The survey consisted of two major parts, focussing on two relevant groups of people. On the one hand, 2000 clients of the BSB were interviewed on their satisfaction with the information and consultation they received from the BSB as well as on their prospective expectations and needs of the BSB. On the other hand, employees from the consulting service were questioned with the help of an online questionnaire. Interest was set on their opinion and assessment of their field of work and on their requirements as to a change of the workflow and support for their consultancy. The results of the survey serve as basis for further development of the offers of the BSB and the intraorganisational development.

Team: Ferdinand Lechner, Petra Wetzel, Barbara Willsberger

Client: Federal Social Welfare Authority

Status: finished


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