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Lechner, Reiter & Riesenfelder
Sozialforschung OG, Wien

Transnational Network within the EQUAL development partnership "Third Sector Vienna" (Network, 2002-2005)

Persons in charge: Andreas Riesenfelder, Petra Wetzel, Ferdinand Lechner

Contract-placing authority: Ministry for Economy and Labour (EQUAL)

Subjects: The transnational Partnership "Cerise" (Cooperation, experimentation and research in the social economy) involves 3 countries:

The common objective is to untertake practical research und development initiatives to strenghten the social economy with a focus on:

Team: Andreas Riesenfelder, Petra Wetzel, Ferdinand Lechner

Project: EQUAL Development Partnership 'The third sector in Vienna'

Project description:

The Third Sector in Vienna as a result of its high innovation dynamics holds a yet barely explored employment potential which is however limited in its development through organisational and structural prob-lems. The project therefore is devoted to the analysis and further de-velopment of all economic- and employment areas that can be coun-ted to the Third Sector in the City of Vienna. It is about a broad spectrum of non-commercial and non-profit activities as far as they are relevant for employment. Through the development partnership ‘Third Sec-tor Vienna’ specific deficiency areas in this employment area have been identified, strategies for their elimination have been deve-loped and exemplary examples of implementation have been arranged.

Overview of the involved organisation:

Status: finished

Other activities in this project:

Toolbox, manual and portal "Third Sector" (Consulting, 2003-2005)



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