GeM-InfoLetter "Evaluation and GM" (Infoletter, 2004)

External Team: Tosca Wendt, Peter Prenner

Project: GeM Co-ordination Unit

Project description:

The GeM Coordination Unit was a comprehensive counselling, information and development project, which was conducted by the L&R Social Research on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour of the Republic of Austria (BMWA) from 2000-2007.

Key task of the GeM Coordination Unit was the support of the implementation of gender mainstreaming within the measures of the ESF (European Social Fund) and in a broader sense within the Austrian labour market policy.

Target groups of the GeM Coordination Unit amongst others were the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS), the Federal Social Welfare Offices, the territorial employment pacts, the federal state authorities as well as the project executing organisations, which implement employment market and educational measures.

To support the implementation of gender mainstreaming a number of multifaceted activities have been developed and designed, which can be subsumed in following focal points:

  • Information and Knowledge
    (Amongst others development of the GeM website, GeM Info Letter is published four times a year)

  • Networking and Cooperation
    (Amongst others: GeM Roundtables as well as GeM Topic Forums in all federal states)

  • Counselling and Development  
    (Amongst others: development of the GeM 4-Step Method as well as thereon based guidelines for the implementation of GeM within the GeM Toolbox, organisation of GeM Workshops and creation of the GeM Practice-Guide as well as the GeM Field-Report)

Main publications:

Bergmann, Nadja / Sorger, Claudia: The implementation of gender mainstreaming in the Austrian employment market and policy. A field report of the gender mainstreaming coordination unit. Vienna 2007

Bergmann, Nadja / Pimminger, Irene: Practice Guide Gender Mainstreaming. Concept. Implementation. Experience. Vienna 2004

Bergmann, Nadja / Pimminger, Irene: The Toolbox Gender Mainstreaming. Vienna 2004

Austria’s Employment Pacts Gender Mainstreaming Platform (TEPGEM_Platform): Policy paper for the implementation of gender mainstreaming in the territorial employment pacts. Vienna 2004

2001-2006: GeM Info letter, published 4 times a year

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour

Status: finished

Other projects:

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